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AFFCO ‘s sales engineers combine deep technical knowledge with sales skills to provide engineered solutions and support on a range of products.

AFFCO has two machine development facilities in Westfield, Indiana.

AFFCO Machine Sales was founded in 1997 as a machinery distribution dealership. Shortly after start up, it was realized that AFFCO needed to have the ability to provide value added solutions to the machinery that was being sold and a machine shop was incorporated into the sales office.

Today, AFFCO has grown into two separate facilities in Westfield Indiana. The main office is home to engineering, sales, the machine shop and a capability acceptance floor. The other facility house machinery in various stages of the remanufacturing and a sheet metal fabrication shop.

Our History

Marc Bakx purchased AFFCO Machine Sales in 2004. Marc was a young businessman that took over the helm at AFFCO with passion and confidence. This was a result of various manufacturing business experiences learned while working with his father prior to his emigration from the Netherlands. Marc’s education in Mechanical Engineering and Business certainly boast his ability as a leader of the company.

Since the beginning, Marc had a vision for AFFCO, to expand and develop new technology for its customers that would keep them on the leading edge of manufacturing. In addition to new machine sales, AFFCO continued to diversify itself by supporting its customers with remanufacturing of equipment and fast turn-around from the machine shop.


AFFCO now builds periphery equipment for the turnkey solutions they provide too. Automation, Parts Washers, automatic feedback gauges and purpose built machinery all coming from one forward thinking company!

Need it now?

Our Parts Department maintains a large inventory of common replacement parts for same-day delivery. Contact us for your spare parts needs today.

Experienced Team

Harness the expertise of an accomplished engineering team

Our extensive automation and integration experience, coupled with our production machining solutions and applications engineering support, make AFFCO the only company you need for an effective automated production system solution.

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